about Sassy glass

Sassy Glass was founded in 2009 when Nancy and Sandy began selling their work at Farmer's
Markets in Northern California and Washington.  The two artists divided their time between a
home in Discovery Bay, Washington and Apache Junction, Arizona.  Soon both homes had a
small working studio and kiln.

Their partnership came to a sad end when Nancy died of cancer in 2014.  Sandy continues to
create and sell her art at festivals, fairs and Farmer's Markets in Washington and Arizona.

While the company name is catchy, it is actually a tribute to a pet Boxer, named Sassy, that Nancy shared her life with for more than 12 years.  After Sassy's passing, Zipper, a rescued Blue Heeler adopted Sandy and Nancy and frequently "worked" the festivals.  Unfortunately, Zipper passed in February, 2017, just 2 months shy of 15 years of age.

Fused glass is made of two or more layers of
compatible art glass fired in a kiln at more than
1400 degrees F.  Many pieces are placed on a mold
and fired again to give them shape.  The art of
Sassy Glass is beautiful and functional.  The founding
artists developed the company on the premise that
art should be in our everyday lives and economically
available to everyone.  Every attempt is made 
to price items modestly.

Using art glass produced in the United States by
Bullseye Glass in Portland, Oregon, the colors are
vibrant and dynamic.  Many pieces feature flower
themes as Sandy's first career was as a florist in
the 1960's.

Another Sassy Glass line incorporates dichroic glass
produced by CBS in Orange, California.  Glass pendants,
plates and wall hangings are decorated with layers of this
shiny and brilliant mineral rich coating. 

Many items incorporate a "rainbow of colors".  While eye-catching and appreciated for the
diversity of hues, the "red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple" theme also honors the diversity of the  LGBTQ community of the artists.

Because glass is so difficult to successfully mail, Sassy Glass prefers not to sell items on line. The cost of packaging and shipping frequently is greater than the cost of the art object.   Find Sassy Glass at the festivals listed on the main page.

Sassy Glass won Second Place at the
Mesa Art Festival on December 14, 2014
and again in 2016 in Arizona.